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Award-winning criminal defense lawyer Harlan Protass has spent more than 20 years protecting the rights and interests of clients facing criminal, civil, or regulatory charges.

His results speak for themselves. However, you deserve a fierce and nuanced defense attorney to preserve your life and liberty. Here are some ways a capable criminal defense lawyer should approach your case, so it ends in your favor.

Begin with a Focus on Your Needs

Your lawyer should start by spending time getting to know you. They should listen to your goal and create a defense strategy to achieve it.

Your defense attorney can help you:

  • Avoid Self-Incrimination: Assert your right to remain silent and to have an attorney represent you anytime you are questioned, detained, or arrested by police.
  • Stay Out of Jail or Prison: You could be released on low bail or your own recognizance while you await trial. You could also avoid serving time in consideration for a suspended sentence, probation, or other alternative penalties.
  • Arrange a Plea for a Reduced Charge: You could receive a much lighter sentence by pleading guilty to a lesser charge.
  • Avoid a Criminal Record: You might avoid the stigma of a criminal record through a plea bargain, having charges dismissed on a legal technicality, or through an acquittal.
  • Appeal a Conviction or Sentence: You could have a conviction or sentence reversed or reduced post-judgment.

Investigate for Defensive Evidence

The police will be conducting their own investigation to gather evidence against you. Your team should do the same and gather evidence – that supports your case.

This should coincide with your lawyer working to eliminate or devalue their evidence so it cannot be used in court. Therefore, it’s essential to work with lawyers with their own medical, financial, and forensic experts to counter testimony by the prosecution.

Strong Representation in Court Hearings & Conferences

It is daunting to appear in court. So make sure you hire a lawyer who knows their way around the courthouse and how to negotiate. You may not even have to appear at each hearing or conference. You may even request certain proceedings via phone or video call.

Your Attorney Needs to Be In It to Win It

Some defense lawyers look for quick deals that don’t take everything into account. If you want to plead not guilty and go to trial, your lawyer should be capable and ready to mount an aggressive defense.

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