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Expert Testimony in Forced Confession Cases

Confessions are powerful evidence for criminal prosecutors. But more and more, people are noticing the cracks in the criminal justice systems and that far too many confessions in criminal cases result from coercion or duress. Unfortunately, proving that a confession wasn’t genuine is no easy…

Topic: Criminal Defense

The Status of the SEC’s Crackdown on SPACs

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has started to crack down on Special Purpose Acquisition Company vehicles in earnest. This comes after several companies involved in mergers were accused of defrauding investors through all sorts of misconduct, including by not limited to misrepresentation, breach of…

Topic: Fraud, Securities Litigation

Criminal vs. Good Faith Errors on COVID-19 Loan Form

When the COVID-19 pandemic took over the world, businesses across New York City and the entire country were temporarily forced to close their doors. Many companies applied for and received loans under the Paycheck Protection Program during this time. PPP loans are for small businesses…

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How A Criminal Defense Lawyer Should Handle Your Case

Award-winning criminal defense lawyer Harlan Protass has spent more than 20 years protecting the rights and interests of clients facing criminal, civil, or regulatory charges. His results speak for themselves. However, you deserve a fierce and nuanced defense attorney to preserve your life and liberty….

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Don’t Give Up: Maybe You Can Appeal Your Conviction

If you or a relative recently received a criminal conviction or sentence in NYC, there may be grounds to appeal. A criminal appeals attorney can help you understand your rights and how to proceed with an appeal. Are You Entitled to an Appeal? New York…

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What Is White-Collar Crime?

“White-collar crime” is a phrase used to describe non-violent criminal conduct that involves the wrongful taking of money or other valuable things of value. It can and often does involve deceit, false pretenses, or a violation of trust. Generally speaking, “white-collar crime” involves money and…

Topic: White-Collar Crime

Factors to Consider in Deciding Whether to Testify at Trial

Even in the simplest of cases, defendant testimony can quickly be derailed. It’s a common assumption that testifying on your own behalf is the simplest way to reveal the truth. Unfortunately, the courtroom is not always so straightforward—even for innocent defendants. Why Defendant Testimony is…

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Compassionate Release Motion Granted and Life Sentence Reduced After 29+ Years Behind Bars

A federal judge granted Eric Millian a compassionate release, calling him a rehabilitated “man of extraordinary character.”

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Protass Law PLLC Client Granted “Compassionate Release” After Serving 30 Years of a Federal Life Without Parole Sentence

Robert Panton was arrested in 1991 and convicted in 1994 for his role in running a “spot” that sold heroin for a criminal organization run by notorious New York narcotics boss George “Boy George” Rivera. For his crimes, Panton was sentenced to life in prison…

Non-Criminal Disposition of Domestic Violence Charges

An executive at a Wall Street bank was alleged to have assaulted his girlfriend by pushing her into a closet – relatively straightforward charges that were complicated because he had been charged with assaulting the same girlfriend less than six months earlier and had violated…