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Fourth Amendment Protections and Exceptions

The Fourth Amendment is famous for protecting citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures. Everyday Protections There are many protections at work in your everyday life. If law enforcement has no reason to search or seize you and your property, they will need to ask your…

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The Government’s Crackdown on Healthcare Fraud

If the government is to be believed, the United States healthcare sector is plagued with fraud. And both federal and state authorities are cracking down on it. Simple billing errors by doctors or nurses (even if inadvertent) or misused prescriptions by pharmacists or patients (even…

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Coming Reforms to New York’s Criminal Justice System

The New York State legislature recently passed sweeping reforms to the operation of the state’s criminal justice system. Those reforms, which become effective in January 2020, will profoundly transform how criminal cases are litigated in the state. Among other things, cash bail has been eliminated…

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Compassionate Release Motion Granted and Life Sentence Reduced After 29+ Years Behind Bars

A federal judge granted Eric Millian a compassionate release, calling him a rehabilitated “man of extraordinary character.”

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Protass Law PLLC Client Granted “Compassionate Release” After Serving 30 Years of a Federal Life Without Parole Sentence

Robert Panton was arrested in 1991 and convicted in 1994 for his role in running a “spot” that sold heroin for a criminal organization run by notorious New York narcotics boss George “Boy George” Rivera. For his crimes, Panton was sentenced to life in prison…

Non-Criminal Disposition of Domestic Violence Charges

An executive at a Wall Street bank was alleged to have assaulted his girlfriend by pushing her into a closet – relatively straightforward charges that were complicated because he had been charged with assaulting the same girlfriend less than six months earlier and had violated…